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Your donation is direct help!

Your contribution is enormously important for Musicians in need! With your support Krzyżowa-Music in cooporation with our shareholder the "Freya von Moltke foundation for the New Kreisau" we can help musicians in need. Contributions in Germany are tax deductable.


Donate by Bank account (IBAN):

Purpose for transfer: Musicians help Musicians
Bank: Commerzbank AG

IBAN: DE79 1208 0000 4052 0068 00

Donate by Bank account
(for US tax payers)

​Bank account USA:

Krzyzowa/Kreisau Foundation

Purpose: Support Musicians help Musicians

88 Old Pump Rd., Essex, VT 05452-2742

Ledyard National Bank, 38 S. Main Street, Hanover, NH

03755, USA, Account No. 488718

Thank you very much!

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